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Dalin line Boulevard in order to take them away

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30 июня 2013  •  

Promenade, people-oriented, benefit the world - simple and clearly shows the new political feelings Premier Li Keqiang,Abercrombie, also be regarded as China's new leadership in highly summarized his idea. Road, in the ideological field is consistent with the law of the truth of things, in the social sphere is a heart-warming moral. Modern parlance, said that a civilized society should pursue, everyone wants to enjoy the universal value. Proper way society can better nourish harmony, suppress evil; proper way political parties will be able to truly get people's sincere support. Enlightened much help, unjust by scant support - history Mirroring deep and unforgiving; 铁肩担道义 - numerous people with lofty ideals for its selfless sacrifice and struggle, with their great personality glorious name engraved on the country's progress monument. Today, when the pedestrian boulevard declared by the Prime Minister, that we see not only the personal political feelings, but also shows the new government policy thinking clearer, more targeted to solve practical problems, concerns people's aspirations more sincere, more efforts . OK Avenue inevitably require far trails, abandoned private road. Avenue who always stand state and national level, adhere to the development, implementation, safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses, while the trail may be so engrossed in the interests of certain interest groups, private road will be more preoccupied in selfish. Trails, navigate private road, Avenue bound occlusion; when a small part of the people's interests should succeed, while the majority of the people is always hungry state interest demands, social reality may target farther and farther with the ruling. Obviously, for those in power, the pedestrian boulevard in fact mean that certain interests and desire to give up. Compared with ordinary people, those in power have the power to master a lot of resources, but the power is not profit-making private tools, resources can not change the conditions for personal enjoyment. Public office have broken fortune read like, you can not do everything possible to excel at their own house Uncle Cousin, do not indulge in an official excuse for public consumption is artificial, stuporous. Bus less, a little austere office buildings, public reception of homemade, study abroad veritable turning, not only will not affect the efficiency of the government will win responsible government, friendly government, saving the government's reputation, so that the people have more trust ruling practice what they preach promenade . Chinese cultural tradition has for good argument,Louis Vuitton Online Store, not only brave knight way street the Patriots can act, and often superior ability, one stroke victory. The ruling party, the pedestrian boulevard also need courage and wisdom. China's present, the development of great achievements, prospects are very good, but also a lot of problems and some of the issues are complex, said Humpty not an exaggeration. When Li Keqiang to the world that line Boulevard, we can understand not only the problem has been diagnosed clear, the path and methods to solve problems and plan it, and dare to tackle tough issues facing the strong will not be shaken, promote development of the operational capabilities of confidence .