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24 мая 2013  •  

I love crocodile in light colors. Especially when it comes to Hermes bags,www.ultimaterimouski.com/MKoutlet.html, black or other dark neutrals seem to be what most people tend to buy when they buy croc, and I can understand that compulsion; crocodile is enormously expensive, particularly from a brand like Hermes, and versatility is important when making that kind of investment. So are concerns about wear and tear,Nancy Gonzalez Lizard Clutch - PurseBlog_2068, and dark colors tend to mask use a bit better. For those who are looking to buy crocodile Hermes,,NFL Wholesale Jerseys, dark colors make sense from a logical standpoint,michael kors outlet Lady Gaga Implements the Stud Trend on her Hermes Birkin - P, but that;s why I get so excited when I see light-colored croc; it seems more special.Demonstrating my obsession today is Tamara Ecclestone, who was so gracious to step out with her light grey Hermes Crocodile Birkin at the end of last week. Just look at that thing. And,christian louboutin outlet Store, of course, look at it some more after the jump. You might want to go get a tissue to sop up the drool first. (Psst – want to drool more? We;ve also got a comprehensive look at Tamara and Petra Ecclestone;s stunning handbag collection!)