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13 апреля 2013  •  

The world's biggest luxury retailer LVMH this summer time preparing to open a Louis Vuitton shop inside the capital city of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Subsequent boutique will likely be in Warsaw. Additionally, the organization is now seeking a logistics partner for the service on the web store, which will be opened in Russia.

Louis Vuitton (LV) plans to boost its brand presence inside the Russian market each by expanding existing shops, too as by opening new, said the president on the company in Northern Europe Roberto Eggs,

louis vuitton purses. Fifth boutique brands will open in mid-summer in Sochi. Says Mr. Eggs, because of geographical attributes in the place of this retailer will probably be the initial and conceptually equivalent to a boutique in Courchevel, as well as a boutique in Saint-Tropez.

LV in the initial retailers within the premium segment alone entered the Russian market by opening a store in Stoleshnikov in 2003. A year later there was a second boutique in GUM, three years - in St. Petersburg, in 2009 - in Yekaterinburg,

louis vuitton purses.

Six years ago, former president and CEO of LV Yves Carcelle mentioned that the organization is considering opening boutiques also in Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod. Later, nevertheless, the business has revised its plans, focusing around the Moscow industry, whose potential,

louis vuitton purses, in accordance with Roberto Eggs, has not been exhausted, and also the CIS.

The Russian team in the brand has opened shops in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and will quickly open a boutique in Warsaw. Mr. Eggs also mentioned that the LV has currently agreed to expand the area of ??the shop in Stoleshnikov.

Investments inside the Russian industry, as well as its financial overall performance, the firm did not disclose. Even so, according to Roberto Eggs, LV pleased with how the Russian shops all of them, including which opened 4 years ago in Yekaterinburg, profitable. Russia to LV is among the five major markets.

Earlier this year, the firm has localized for the Russian-speaking audience's brand. Now she is considering open a shop on-line and looking for a logistics partner. However, sales in classic retailers will remain a priority for the brand.