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11 апреля 2013  •  

Depart it to Louis Vuitton to produce a so-bright-you-need-shades splash inside the dreary moat of black nylon generally noticed on baggage carousels around the globe. The leather-goods company has recast its signature brown-and-beige checked Damier print?acreated in 1888?ain fluorescent yellow and orange embossed leather. Say farewell to baggage mix-ups. Neon Yellow Damier Infini Keepall, $3,050, Louis Vuitton,

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?aMeenal Mistry

A edition of this short article appeared April 6, 2013, on page D12 inside the U.S. edition of the Wall Avenue Journal, with the headline: Eye-Popping Packing.

As we all know armed forces camouflage is definitely an important part of contemporary military tactics, which is to disrupt an overview by merging it using the surroundings, generating a focus on harder to identify or strike. Nevertheless, today camouflage is observed anyplace. It has turn out to be an component of style,

louis vuitton outlet. But could you image the outcome if Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas is melted with camouflage? Two components which can be really different-one being really sophisticated and legendary, and the other is very daring, hard and commando-ish-fused in collectively to make a exclusive collection, Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage collection.

The Monogramouflage Pegase sixty from this assortment is made of Monogramousflage canvas, PVC & cotton, lining in cotton, trimmings in natural cowhide and black jute canvas. Antique gold finish brass pieces perfectly matches with all the distinctive Monogramouflage. This rolling suitcase on wheels is both trendy and functional. Open with integral double zipper, you can see a patch pocket, an address label in natural cowhide and two straps to secure garments. Besides it features a large patch pocket within the outside with a secret zippered compartment,

louis vuitton outlet, self-blocking extendable handle as well as a padlock. With a measurement of 7.3" x 14.5" x 22.2", it is indeed a practical suitcase with numerous storage places. Even the important essentials or documents would be safely protected by the padlock.

This Pegase 60 is the limited version collaborated by Louis Vuitton and Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami who has created the successful Multicolore collection. I still remember last year when this assortment was released to the public, people held diverse opinions towards it. Some said it was really creative while others said Louis Vuitton was going cheap. 1 year later, Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage is still on the style stage and time proved this exclusive creation.