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we have to refer to the basic knowledge of some UV

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How to Choose Suitable Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses are the world's top brand , has a lot of fans around the world. Why are so many people will choose to Ray Ban®? Ray Ban sunglasses design is very classic, suitable to be worn with a variety of populations, especially his unique design, regardless of what people with a sunglasses to wear, will reflect the different personality styles, we have to admire the exquisite ray ban sunglasses design process.

Based on Skin Color and Face Ray Ban Sunglasses

with a Ray Ban sunglasses can be suitable for all kinds of people wear, but we still have to be selected in the summer of 2013 a the more suitable cheap Ray Ban sunglasses . We have color and face there nose, we have to choose a suitable style.

general color of white person, you can choose a pale transparent. Deep complexion, it is best to choose a deep color such as black or dark gray sunglasses .
round face is suitable to wear color cool dark broad shoulders fairly thick sunglasses This sunglasses face contraction effect, Guo Yan glasses will face off greater. face relatively small suitable for wearing rimless glasses or relatively thin frame , choose light brown can you set off more elegant. face longer suitable to wear up and down a wide round or curved mirror, mirror a little rough leg This can weaken the long face of the slender sense. suitable for selection square face up and down a narrow, the framework of the four corners was a small rounded sunglasses , the color selection sedate colors such as brown best. triangular face suitable there with a small metal frame or frameless glasses , so make the face look more expansion.
Nose with wear sunglasses, the natural small frame nasal type, light-colored, sorghum frame to make the nose feel longer. particularly long nose can choose to use the the double girder mirror , so that the nose will seem shorter, big nose type is best to wear large frame in order to strike a balance.

According to the Identity of the Ray Ban Sunglasses

not all sunglasses have anti-UV functionality, a meet the basic requirements of the standard sunglasses can only say that block the light at the same time without going through the UV. If a pair of sunglasses can block light and can not block the same amount of ultraviolet light, wearers will accept more than not wearing sunglasses UV (wear sunglasses, will lower into the human eye flux, resulting in increased pupil wearers).

pair of sunglasses for anti-ultraviolet function, we can not distinguish with the naked eye, ray ban sunglasses labels of the products consumers buy only has a protective function reference, we can see that in some product labels and glasses positive such as: "100% UV", "UV400", "block all UV", "anti-UV" and express identity. How to identify some identifier such as "UV400", we have to refer to the basic knowledge of some UV, ultraviolet light is the sun's rays of wavelengths between 200nm ~ 380nm, including three types: UVA wavelength of 315nm ~~ 380nm UVB wavelength of 280 nm ~ 315nm, UVC wavelength of 200nm ~ 280nm. The sun's rays reach the earth's surface (290nm ~ 2000nm) in ultraviolet accounted for about 13%, which accounted for 97% of UVA and UVB accounted for 3%, UVC close to 0. UV damage to the human eye is mainly determined by the intensity of the wavelengths of ultraviolet light, radiation time and radiation intensity, as well as the human eye's own defense mechanism, the cornea, lens is the most common eye tissues by UV damage, solar keratitis and corneal endothelial damage solar Cataract is the most relevant thereto eye diseases. With anti-ultraviolet function sunglasses lenses made in order to protect the health of the eye, you can choose to try to eliminate the ultraviolet rays of 380nm or less.

How to Choose the Ray Ban Outlet to Buy

generally recommended to go to the store to buy Ray Ban sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses can thus be able to choose a quality assurance, according to the identity of sunglasses to choose a suitable sunglasses. However the formal Ray Ban outlet prices are more expensive to find a store too much trouble. I recommend to everyone today the the Ray Ban Buy Cheap Ray Bans, is basically close prices with vendors, and products are exempt from tax, to 70% less than the price of the general store. And sales of sunglasses is more comprehensive, including some AVIATOR ™, CLUBMASTER®, JACKIE OHH ™, WAYFARER® qualified products, all products sold by the logo on the eyes, you are able to choose your sunglasses.

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