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30 декабря 2012  •  

Submit ObituariesThe Bismarck Tribune runs 2 kinds of obituaries. A paid and a free version.
A paid obituary is $10.50 per column inch. It might include almost everything, including a photo. Gleam $5 setup fee as well as this your family receives 10 copies with the newspaper. Please include a billing address and a phone number regarding questions. (As an example: when accounting measures the column and it’s eight inches, they take this times $10.50 plus the $5 fee. And so the total cost will be $89). If you would like to operate the obituary over and over again, the fees are the following: second run, $5 per inch; and third run, $4 per inch.
A totally free obituary would include the person’s name, age, hometown, if they're formerly from this area, where and when they died, location services and burial are (even though they are past) plus a list of the immediate family survivors such as spouse, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandparents, and where they are from, and the number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren; but wouldn't list in-laws and other relatives.
Free notices include person’s name, age, hometown, when they are formerly from this area, where and when they died then when and where services are. No visitation is included.
Paid notices are charged at $10.50 per inch and will include any kind of information.
Please e-mail us back or call 250-8240 or 1-888-313-2240 along with your preference.
If you would like the paid obituary,Doudoune Monlcer, we can call with the exact amount after publication. E-mail address is . Photos needs to be attached as jpeg files.
Deadline daily is 4 p.m. central here we are at free or paid obituaries and 4:30 p.m. central time for notices.Most favored